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As a fresh media outlet, we are looking for stories and storytellers who are ready and willing to grow with us. If you represent a talent and would like their stories considered for, please continue to read also so that you’re informed on the type of stories that align with the brand.

Women of color are powerful, culture creators, mysterious, spiritual, world changers, passionate, inspirational, fierce and most importantly, WORTHY. Many of our stories go untold and our writers lend their voices and create awareness to change that.

Understanding our voice and audience:

No matter where she is on her journey, the Been Worthy reader values femininity, self-worth, authenticity and positive stories about women in entertainment. She seeks inspiration and capitalizes on every opportunity to support her sisters. She wants to know how to level up in self-care and explore the latest beauty trends. She desires authentic connections in love and life and wants to learn how to cultivate them.

She cares about happenings in our community and the impact it has on our lives. She wants to enjoy her life and know everything from which new series is binge worthy, the aha moments shared in empowering interviews, fun bonding experiences for her and her sister-friends and everything in between.

Most of all, she’s a lover of affirmations, especially those that support the fact that she’s Been Worthy!

Our Description of the Ideal Contributor:

Women passionate about women. Women enthusiastic about amplifying the voices of women of color and telling their stories.

Women interested in sharing personal essays about life experiences that, perhaps, push the envelope on popular opinions or challenge a social norm.

Women who can provide well-researched opinions of breaking news, event coverage and can conduct celebrity interviews, etc.

We want women who are open to sharing their ideas and opening up discussion.

All sound good to you? Submit your story and we would love to consider featuring your work on