Private Listening Party with Vashawn Mitchell: Chapter X: See the Goodness

See the Goodness, the titular track of Vashawn Mitchell’s newest album, flooded the room as guests made their way into ModeX studio for a private listening party experience. The singer, songwriter and producer made a pitstop in Atlanta, Georgia to give attendees a sneak listen at his upcoming album, Chapter X: See the Goodness. The 12-song album boasts features from gospel artists such as Jekayln Carr and Donnie McClurkin, with the latter featured on one of the songs already released.

The Nobody Greater star sat down with Catherine Brewer, Vice President of creative at Broadcast Music, Inc, to share the journey of writing and producing what he considers to be his most personal project yet.

“I asked God to shape my ear,” Smith explained, “I don’t want to just write what I’m going through. I want to hear what I’m coming out of”

And that sentiment birthed Chapter X: See the Goodness, a project steeped in encouragement that you’ll be able to have and see God’s goodness while you’re still alive. The project is personal to him as it serves as a tribute to his late grandmother, being the first recording and release since her passing.  

Mitchell got his start in the music world early on. He went to school for music business and served as choir director. Now he’s a music director and Minister of music in churches across his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Upon launching his solo career, he found major success with his third album, Triumphant, which featured 2011’s most played gospel song, Nobody Greater. When asked how he’d follow the success of that project, he gave a profound answer steeped in his faith.  

“’How do you come behind the success of Nobody greater?’ You can’t,” he said. “You can’t duplicate what God does, you can only ask him what He’s saying next.”  

The word he received from God in regard to this project was clear, especially after a mishap with the initial recording of the first half of the project. After having to redo the first half of the project, he said that it was a reminder that at the heart of Christianity, is servitude.  

After writing and recording the project, he stepped into executive mode, working on release and rollout while working with and putting out other artists. He explained that his mission in this next season is legacy.    

“A man is not remembered by what he’s done by what fruit he’s produced,” he said. “I want to produce fruit.”  

Chapter X: See the Goodness went live on the metaverse on August 24th, the first time a gospel album has made it to the virtual reality stage. The full album is now available for streaming on all platforms.      

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