Tyler Perry to Take Control of BET

Tyler Perry is taking over and making history!!

According to a recent report from The Streamr, the media mogul is set to take control of Black Entertainment Television (BET), a platform that has shaped Black culture in our country for decades. BOSS!!

This move will give Perry control over BET Media Group, which is comprised of networks like VH1, both once owned by Paramount.

But here’s the best part! For the first time in 21 years, BET is black owned again. And for the first time ever VH1 is now black owned!! This is HUGE!!


Tyler Perry was playing chess, not checkers, so this announcement is no surprise to us. Since 2017 Perry has been working with BET. He partnered with the company via his Tyler Perry Studios banner to create BET+, a streaming service that features original films and series from the BET program library.

Since its launch, the streaming service has been extremely successful. According to ComingSoon.net, in 2021, BET+ accounted for half of the subscriber growth and nearly all revenue growth for the channel.

Earlier this year Hip Hop artists Diddy and 50cent expressed their own interest in owning BET. With this deal finalized, Perry’s media empire, which includes the 330-acre Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, will skyrocket!  

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