New Health Documentary In The Making – ‘Sugar Daddy’

As a community, how often have we jokingly pleaded to be freed from the curse of needing ‘something sweet’ after a meal? The risk of cavities isn’t the only consequence to concern ourselves with, especially as the Black community is constantly at the brunt of health disparities and inadequate healthcare access. The overconsumption of sugar in our community is a major issue, one that producer and assistant production accountant, Anthony Davis will be delving into in the upcoming health documentary, Sugar Daddy.

Davis walks by a 12-year-old copy of a health flyer advising against sweets and soft drinks posted on his fridge daily. It was given to his father-in-law following a stage three kidney disease diagnosis. Seemingly unrelated events at first sight, a quick Google search yields the #1 featured snippet from the CDC showing that diabetes ties in with high blood pressure as the leading cause of kidney failure. Davis’s question: Why wasn’t this made known to his father-in-law before it got to that point?

“I always thought, why did his doctor wait until he had stage 3 kidney disease to go ahead and give him these preventative measures,” Davis questioned. “That was kind of the birth [of the documentary].”

This concern is one of many that will be dissected in Sugar Daddy.

“I want to educate our folks,” said Davis, “There’s a lot of sugar documentaries out here, but it’s none about educating the African American community.”

Davis was supported by a few old friends in executive producing this story. Award-winning, independent director, Michael Cooke of Atlanta, Georgia, who recently worked with Davis on a short film, Yogurt Raisin, and most recently served as director of photography for the BET+ Christmas movie, The First Noelle. Also serving as a producer alongside Davis is Golden Globe, Emmy, and NAACP award-winning producer/director Anthony Hemingway, who previously worked alongside Davis on National Geographic’s GENIUS: Aretha. Hemingway’s involvement became personal, as he has seen up close the effects of sugar overconsumption. He recently learned his father would need to have his leg amputated due to diabetes.

Award-winning author and publisher, Carla DuPont wrote the treatment.

The team behind the camera is equally as impressive as the faces you’ll see on camera. Talent will consist of five healthcare professionals who boast best-selling authorships, award-winning production credits in other health documentaries, and accolades in their respective fields. The documentary will also tell the stories of people who suffer from health disorders related to sugar overconsumption and even plans to follow a celebrity’s journey living with a sugar-related health disorder.

The documentary is in early pre-production with plans to begin principal photography in early 2024. For additional information and to make a pledge, visit

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