Jessie Woo Talks Season 3 of ‘Listen to Black Women’ and More!

Jessie Woo, our favorite “seeester” and Haitian Queen continues to rise and shine in her career and we’re here for it! BW sat down with the viral content creator to talk about her journey and all the big things she’s up to.

It all started for the comedian and actress after a year of living in Brooklyn and losing her first job. Struggling to make it in the entertainment industry, she found herself creating content to pass the time and channel her frustration. “I remember those days,” she shared while reminiscing on humble beginnings.

Things started to pick up for Woo after landing a hosting opportunity on BET Breaks and joining the cast of Wild’ N Out. It’s been a “slow roast,” but her consistency and dedication to her craft opened doors she was ready to walk through. Honing her voice was pivotal. At the age of 4 or 5, she discovered her voice. “I knew that I wanted to have a mic in my hand. I knew I wanted to sing,” she shared. “I was always that person who was going to be talking to my teddy bears…talking to my dolls having full-blown conversations. I knew I had a voice and I was gonna use it”.

Woo’s voice, talent and hilarious humor solidified her seat at the table – and Sis came ready to eat! Now, as a co-host of Madame Noire’s Listen to Black Women alongside artist Tiffany Nicole Ervin, journalist Taryn Finley, and entrepreneur Chris Miss, the Canadian native explores powerful and pertinent issues impacting Black women across the globe. From entrepreneurship and dating to beauty regiments and body positivity, no topic is off the table.

“We talk about a lot of issues that Black women face,” Woo shared. “We talk about the suppression of Black women…we talk about the inequality in financial pay…we talk about different movements that Black women really started and Black women are the fuel behind”. The launch of Season 3 brought new perspectives to the conversation. “This season you get to see more women coming up, more men come into the mix and give their point of view, which is always great because we do want to hear both sides”.

“There’s a lot of power in listening to Black women,” and Woo and Madame Noire are at the forefront of making sure the concerns of Black women are heard.

The best part of watching Jessie Woo elevate the voices of Black women through this show is that she does so while bringing her full, authentic self to the table. She also never allows her popularity to outshine her humility. She credits her family for that. “I’m Haitian,” she explained. “I literally come from the bottom. I didn’t come from money. I come from a very hard working family of immigrants. Things like that keep me grounded. A lot of times I have to remind myself that they know me as Jessie Woo, but when I’m by myself I’m Jessica. I’m working and I’m doing things I always asked God to do”.

Catch new episodes of Listen to Black Women on You can also catch Woo as a host on Dish Nation, hosting the next celebrity red carpet or on Apple Music, BECAUSE SIS CAN ALSO SANNNGGG!!!!

Listen to the full interview on Been Worthy the Podcast as Woo talks about battling imposter syndrome, her “Worthy Aha Moment” and more!

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