Simone Biles Ties the Knot

Simone Biles is officially off the market and is now a married woman! You can address her as Mrs. Owens after she confirmed she has tied the knot with NFL safety, Jonathan Owens, over the weekend. The news has us cutting flips! She’s always given us perfect 10s across the board, so it’s only right she found her perfect love.

The Olympic Gold Medalist and husband confirmed their marriage after posting a series of photos on social media.

They gave us an inside peek at their intimate courthouse nuptials. Though this was a small ceremony for the newlyweds, this is just part one of their celebration. In the coming weeks, the two will celebrate with a bigger destination wedding.

We always expect athletes, celebrities, or anyone with heavy influence to go all out for huge, life-changing moments such as weddings, but it’s always nice to be reminded that those same athletes and celebrities are just like us. In her Instagram story, Biles, 26, gave us details of her ensemble after a fan asked, “Where is your dress and shoes from?”

The Olympian answered and revealed that her shoes were from Amazon and she hit a last-minute score, noting that her dress, wedding bands, shoes, and bouquet were all ordered just last week. She gave us ‘bride on a budget’ and we are here for it.

The couple began dating in August 2020 and announced their engagement last February. Throughout their engagement, the Owens’ kept their social media supporters in the loop by documenting every little step of their journey, whether it be practicing cutting their wedding cake together or sharing photos from the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, or the engagement shoot. Honestly, we love to see it all.

We’ve seen Biles win gold, but her wedding ring tops all the gold she’s worked so hard for. She accepted a 3-carat oval-cut diamond ring from Owens, 27, and it’s her best yet. In an interview with the TODAY Show, she stated how much it means to her. “It’s definitely my most prized possession now and I’m always wearing it,” she said. “It definitely beats a gold medal.”

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