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Black and Mindful: Mindfulness Resources for Black Women 

Black women in America experience substantial health disparities at the intersection of race and gender. From shorter life expectancies to being disproportionately impacted by health conditions like cardiovascular disease, it’s important that we prioritize our mental health and well-being while we’re still here. Below is Been Worthy’s list of mindfulness resources for Black women.

Therapy for Black Girls

First and foremost, my absolute favorite resource is Therapy for Black Girls. An online community created by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, the platform serves as a platform to help Black women connect to therapists and a library of accessible mental health resources, including the podcast with Dr. Bradford herself.

black girls breathing

black girls breathing is another wellness-focused initiative dedicated to helping Black women heal, with breathwork as the focal point. Jasmine Marie is the CEO and founder, and she has grown her platform to support Black women in combatting everyday stressors and reducing chronic stress among the demographic.

Mindfulness Reads

Reading can be a form of mindfulness, and it’s proven that it can relax your body and lower your heart rate. What better way to engage in mindfulness than by relaxing and learning about it? Some suggested titles for us, by us include Sacred Woman, The Keys to Womanhood, and The Brown Mama Mindset for mothers. The 4 Agreements and The Science of Breath are great reads as well.

Movement and Yoga

Oftentimes a companion to breathwork, getting grounded, and moving your body through yoga is an age-old form of mindfulness. This action is tailored to encourage your mind, body, and spirit to be present in the moment.


Meditation, whether done individually or guided, is another great companion to yoga and breathwork as a form of mindfulness. Similar to yoga, the purpose of meditation as a mindfulness practice is to maintain awareness of the present moment. This can be done as intentionally as making time, setting the environment, and pairing it with yoga and/or breathwork. Or, simply coming up for air and finding a quiet moment in a busy or tough day to reset and refocus. If you’re looking for some great guided meditation resources for Black women, there’s a variety included in this Black Girl Meditations playlist.

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