‘All Yours’ Is Everything You Need: Kierra Sheard-Kelly’s Newest Album

Kierra Sheard-Kelly walked into the press room of ModeX Studios in Atlanta, Georgia—fashionably late—looking like love, with an all-electric pink ensemble and pink pumps to match, spreading love via hugs to the community of friends awaiting her on the red carpet.

“I love y’all,” Sheard-Kelly cooed as the cameras flashed, “I love y’all so much.”

The gospel singer graced Atlanta during her pre-release appearances, calling the Peach City a “second home” on her Instagram.

The album listening party, co-hosted by Catherine Brewton and Wardell Malloy, gave attendees a sneak preview of the tracks on her newest album, All Yours, in addition to some insight and inspiration behind the project. The album releases on March 3rd.

“The Lord was like ‘When [are] you going to give me my try? [When will you] let me have my chance with you?’ Sheard-Kelly told the audience, “You are so used to being in control, but I need you to wake up.”

This album is inspired by her surrendering and truly giving God all of her, not just parts.

“I’m not just singing these songs to show runs and acrobats, but I’m really giving Him all of me,” she told the audience, after a live rendition of the title track, “All Yours.”

You could say that gospel albums are essentially a partnership between the artist and God. When asked what the message was she felt God needed her to share with this project, she said that out of the many within it, the main message would be to embrace God.

“In a world where there is so much Godliness being embraced, you’ll see that I am the one you need to embrace, no matter what,” she said.

Hosts Brewton and Malloy took us through the album, diving into the singer’s creative thought process, and playing snippets from each of the 12 tracks while Sheard-Kelly danced along with the audience, garnering standing ovations, energetic shouts, praises, and even tongues from the audience on high-energy tracks like “Done For Me” with Jekalyn Carr. 

God was in the room, and he was definitely with and working in Sheard-Kelly when writing and producing this album.

“I have a new level of confidence I’ve never had before, and you hear that in this body of work. In addition to that, you hear my prayer life,” she explained, “Half of my career has come from preparation in my church.”

The album takes us through a journey with Kierra, from the pews and the alter, to the magical place where couples fall in love, all the way to the jungle—as titled by track number 12 on the album, giving Renaissance feels. The entire album fuses hints of traditional gospel, R&B, house, and pop, creating a special body of work that Sheard-Kelly boasted she’s “never been more proud of.”

“So do you feel like you’re in your prime?” a reporter asked Sheard-Kelly on the red carpet.

“Yes, absolutely. And ain’t nobody stopping that,” she instantaneously responded.

And that’s a mood.

Sheard-Kelly’s live rendition of “All Yours” has been running through my mind rent-free since the listening party, so I’ve done my due diligence of pre-saving the album. You can listen to currently available tracks, “Praise Through,” “Making A Way” featuring Adia, and “Miracles,” featuring Pastor Mike until the full album releases on March 3rd.  

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