A Black Girl’s Guide to Galentines Day

Long live the queen who coined Galantine’s Day, because the girlies have basked in it every single year, or every “single” year. We’ve thrown the woes of being without a bae on love day to the wind and have claimed the day prior as one for the gals!

In a 2010 episode of Parks and Rec, Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope defined Galantine’s Day simply as a day of “ladies celebrating ladies.” So while February 14th is reserved for champagne showers and rose petals with your significant other, February 13th is for bottomless mimosas and rosewater face masks with the girls! And to ensure you do the holiday just right, Been Worthy has your go-to Black girl’s guide to Galantine’s Day.

Spoiler alert: They all involve champagne.

#MimosaMonday, am I right?!

Galantine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, but if your afternoon is open, hit up a Monday Brunch! My best-kept secret is randomly hitting up the coveted brunch spots in the middle of the work week, especially when living in a Brunch-Capital like Atlanta or D.C. But if you and your girls can spare the PTO, or don’t mind returning to work leaning just a little bit, hit up OpenTable and grab the best seat in the house at that brunch spot you’ve been dying to try.

Girls Day In

One of my favorite college Galantine’s Day traditions was keeping it cute and comfy. The girls and I would coordinate matching PJs, grab our favorite bottles of bubbly, and curate a marathon of our favorite black romance and rom-com titles, from The Photograph, Really Love, and Premature, to the throwbacks like Just Wright, Brown Sugar, and The Best Man.

Sweets Potluck

What’s one of the sweetest holidays of the year without a bit of sweetness? Everyone picks a dessert and comes together to create a dangerously, decadent dessert buffet. There are brownies, cupcakes, ice cream and of course you can’t forget the chocolate-covered strawberries! Bonus fun if the gathering is spent making them together…with the help of champagne, of course.

Self-Care Sistas

True to the OG definition of “ladies celebrating ladies,” take the time to lighten the load, be present in your bodies, and uplift and encourage one another in some group self-care activities. Grab the wine, get comfortable, and enjoy time spent in group journaling, breathing, meditating, and sharing affirmations. Because, I mean, if your Galantine’s day didn’t end with at least one of the girls shedding some well-needed tears, did you really do it right?

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