New Year Beauty: 10 Items You Need In Your Beauty Bag This Year 

Each new year, we can always count on new beauty must-haves. New and old, Been Worthy has compiled a list of 10 items to keep in your beauty bag this year!

Photo: Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black girl sunscreen is first and foremost because we have since debunked the myth that black people don’t need sunscreen. Thankfully, we’ve been blessed with an elixir—for us, by us—that goes on melanin without leaving a white cast when dry.

Photo: Tree Hut

Exfoliating Scrubs

Non-exclusive to any particular body part, exfoliating sugar and salt scrubs for our bodies, lips and faces have given us our very own in-house spa experiences. My personal favorite is from the line of Tree Hut sugar scrubs, but if you prefer specific aromas, there are plenty of kits and recipes to get your D-I-Y on!

Photo: Vaseline


A longtime staple in the black community, Vaseline will forever be a multipurpose Queen! With uses ranging from eczema relief, pre-chemical treatment protection, and moisturizing, to a Korean beauty technique called slugging, Vaseline remains a must-have in the beauty community.

Photo: Getty Images

Jade Rollers/Gua Sha Stones- Fountain of Youth

It may or may not be undisputed that the fountain of youth is composed entirely of Gua Sha stones. (I kid!) On a serious note, most commonly made up of jade or quartz, these beauty tools promote circulation and relieve tension in the skin.

Photo: Hairbrella

Tension-Free Scarves & Bonnets

After noticing the tension that certain bonnets and scarves can put on our edges, many Black women are turning to tension-free sleepwear for their hair to ensure moisture and reduce edge loss through the night.

Photo: Byrdie

Eye cream

African American skin takes longer to show signs of aging, but eye creams have become a great line of defense incorporated into our skincare routine to proactively prevent dehydration and dark circles.

Photo: buttah

Vitamin C Serum

Another new addition to my skincare routine, a few drops of vitamin c serum, is perfect for giving you that honeybun glow before locking in the moisture with your favorite moisturizer. The buttah brand is my go-to!

Photo: Pinterest

Lip Liner & Gloss

This classic combo is a beautiful example of history repeating itself, and I am not mad at it! The brown lip-liner and gloss style has become a staple in the soft-girl aesthetic, and the cherry on top of any look with a subtle nod to the 90s and 2000s!

Photo: Soleil Summer / Allure


If you’ve been looking to add some warmth to your face, a great bronzer will be your best friend. The best part about bronzer? It works for all skin tones!

Photo: Bazaar


Whether you are layering scents from your collection, or you are stuck on that one luxury scent, Black women have been finding aromatic joy in discovering their own “signature scent.”

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