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The Power of “I Am’s”: The Top Affirmations for Black Women This Year

It’s evident that Black women have been raking up public wins as of late, from career dubs to personal victories. But the beauty in those wins is the power and prayer that have been shared to get them there. I’m a firm believer that half the battle of chasing your dreams and reaching your goals is believing that you actually can. So, here are some of my personal affirmations that I’m taking into 2023 with me to remind myself that I am THAT girl and to take care of her:

I am worthy of the things I desire.

This year I’ve made it a priority to embrace the things I’m praying for, because why ask for them if you don’t truly believe you deserve them or that you’ll get them?

I am qualified.

Imposter syndrome be DARNED, sis, the proof is in the pudding. Tell yourself this before hopping onto that job interview, stepping into that meeting, applying for that grant or business loan. You’re overqualified, even, but we’ll start the year off humble.

I deserve a storybook love.

This one’s for the certified lover girls. As black women, sometimes we tend to get the short end of the dating stick and our experiences may cause us to question whether we can—or even should—be on the receiving end of those love stories.

I am capable of loving myself in the ways that I want others to love me.

I found this one about two years ago and it hasn’t left me yet. It was powerful because in addition to being an affirmation, it doubles as accountability to show up for ourselves. 

I am prepared to receive all the good coming to me.

One of my forefront affirmations this year was simply “more,” so one of the main things I’ve been intentional about is ensuring that I am making space and allowing myself to sit in expectation for that abundance.

There is Godliness within me.

Once you realize the power you have within you because of the God that lives inside of you, you become limitless. You can do all things because He can do all things—word to 1 John—greater is He that lives within you.

I am safe and protected.

One of my favorite grounding affirmations, I incorporated this into the rotation after being hit with a whirlwind of life following COVID, the racial uprising and personal loss in my family.

I deserve rest period, not just as a reward.

Another big one for black women, we are combatting the idea that we have to “earn” rest. No ma’am, not this year! Take that PTO, black out those calendar days, take that nap, book that vacation, set that massage appointment, turn your phone on DND, just indulge in YOU time.

I am enough.

As simple as this one is, it’s always my favorite to start and end on because we can get so wrapped up in affirming who we’ll become or who we’re becoming that we neglect who we are right now. And right now, you are enough.

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