‘Black Future Makers’ Returns to TV One with Hosts Lori Harvey and Terrell Grice

Earlier this year AT&T* Dream in Black announced the return of Black Future Makers, a future-forward celebration of inspirational people in the culture. This is just one of many ways AT&T is celebrating and uplifting the Black community while also framing what the campaign is really about – how all members of the community, even people who are not public figures – have it within them to be Black Future Makers.

Among the 2022 Black Future Makers Class is YouTube sensation Terrell Grice. Grice, alongside entrepreneur Lori Harvey, hosted new episodes of Black Future Makers presented by AT&T Dream in Black. This dynamic duo interviewed and celebrated CEOs on-the-rise who represent the now, the new, and the next in Black culture.

Been Worthy sat down with Grice to chat about what it means to be Black, the future and living the dream. “To be apart of the culture in this way…The Terrell Show reminds people of a vessel of new music, new artists, new talent within our culture,” Grice shared. Watch his full response below.

As the NAACP Image Award-nominated host of “The Terrell Show”, Grice authentically shares his personality and knowledge of good R&B and Gospel music as he interviews and tests the skill of some of our favorite singers, producers and celebrity talent.

In my opinion, the best part of ‘The Terrell Show’ is his comedic reaction to his guests’ vocal abilities. Sometimes a good vocal run will knock you out of your seat. The YouTuber recently had 3 time GRAMMY nominee Kierra Kiki Sheard on his show. She took us to church and brought Grice to tears while singing her popular song Indescribable. Grice shares with Been Worthy why this song is so special to him below.

In the Black Future Makers three-part series, Grice and Harvey present three business owners with $10,000 along with a laptop, 5G enabled device and consulting services.

Featured entrepreneur Coi Mattison of Limbic Lamb is instilling a sense of confidence and self-love in children at a young age to set them up for lifelong success. Her company creates affirmation coloring cards for kids, combining that fun element of play with uplifting words to help children thrive. Each card in the 48-piece deck features an affirmation on one side and a picture on the other.

“Me being hard on myself in front of my kids was not going to work,” Mattison shared with Been Worthy. “You can’t parent effectively if you don’t feel good about yourself. So I just did the work just to be the best version of myself and the best example for them”.

In the series Mattison, along with the two other featured small business owners, shared her story of navigating her way through entrepreneurship and how important technology is in order to make her passions become possible.

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