Meet Briana Jones of Sweet Life: Los Angeles on HBO Max

Young, black and in the pursuit of excellence would describe the cast of HBO Max’s new reality series, Sweet Life: Los Angeles. The show follows a group of friends living the best years of their lives in South L.A. as they navigate the complexities and excitement of love, friendship and chasing the dream. Created by Insecure’s Issa Rae, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the cast is equally relatable and entertaining.  

Fans have really embraced the Los Angeles twenty-somethings and are ready for more. It was recently announced that the show has been renewed for a second season at HBO Max and we’ll be tuned in!

Been Worthy caught up with one of our favs on the show, Briana Jones, a single, health care professional and entrepreneur whose authenticity and dope personality adds a little spice to the “sweet life”. 

Photo credit: Henry R. Jones II

What motivated you to make the big move from Kalamazoo, Michigan to L.A.?

I wanted to get out of my hometown and experience something bigger. It can be easy to limit yourself and your goals when you haven’t been exposed to much. I wanted more for myself. 

Congratulations on joining the cast of HBO Max’s SWEET LIFE! How did this opportunity come about and what is it like working with Issa Rae? 

Issa Rae is a queen and I am so grateful to her for choosing us. This really was a chance opportunity. Originally Jordan was casted and then he pitched the rest of us to HBO. 

How would you describe the cast? Who did you bond with the most? 

The entire cast of Sweet Life is SO LA. They’re all really from the area and you can feel that real Los Angeles exude from them. I am closest with Tylynn in the cast, she and I have the same sense of humor so we are always cracking up! 

With this being your first reality show experience, was it hard to bring your full self to camera? What can we expect to learn about you on the show? 

I wasn’t that scared to be my full self on camera, most of the producers on the show are women and women of color so I felt very safe and protected which allowed my true personality to really shine through. 

Favorite part of filming the show? If there’s a season 2 would you return? 

Seeing all my friends ALL the time was the best part of filming. I would 10000 percent return if we get a season 2! 

You’re the founder of Buttrd by Bri. What sparked your entrepreneurial journey? 

There isn’t a lot of organic options out there when it comes to skincare, your skin is your largest organ and it is important to treat it with care! I have really sensitive skin, so I was just experimenting with different products to see what helped my skin, and now that I’ve created this formula I want to share it with everyone!

What’s the dream for Buttrd by Bri? 

I want Buttrd By Bri to become an empire. I really look up to Rihanna and what she has done with her Fenty brand, Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, etc. and I really want to go down a similar path and really take over the beauty and skincare industries. 

We know you love scouring flea markets and vintage stores. What’s been your best find? 

My best find has been a denim Louis Vuitton purse. I am obsessed. 

How can we connect with you? 


Instagram: @bririderdie

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