Black Biz Month Feature: Meet The Owners of Black Balled Beauty Supply & Salon

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chardai Tisdale and Ricky Rainer, owners of Charlotte’s premier Black owned beauty supply store and salon Black Balled Beauty.

What inspired your interest in the beauty industry and how did you get your start? 

The hairstylists in my city inspired me. These women were the first examples of successful entrepreneurship to me. As a young adult, seeing these successful women that worked in the beauty industry really made an impact on me. As I decided that cosmetology was what I wanted to do those women became my mentors.

Tell our readers about what you do and the services you provide.

Black Balled Beauty Salon specializes in extensions, blowouts, and overall hair care for any texture. Black Balled Beauty Supply provides products for any of your at-home hair care needs including black brands that nationwide and also local brands. 

You’ve recently opened one of Charlotte’s only black owned beauty supply stores and salons, Black Balled Beauty and Supply. Tell us about the importance of having access to black beauty brands in black communities. 

It is so important. African-Americans are the primary consumer in this billion-dollar industry, but we rarely have people who look like us and understand our needs working in these spaces to make sure were are getting the correct items. So outside of being able to provide that education to my clients, we also provide a retail platform to these black-owned products that serve a purpose but may not have a chance in a store owned by people outside of our race.

What challenges have you had to overcome or has it been a smooth road? 

It definitely hasn’t been a smooth road Lol. Most of the challenges stem from the fact that this marketplace is designed for us to be the consumer and not the owner. The vendors sometimes were not friendly or even open to doing business with us, that’s when we really made the decision to focus on local brands and brands that served our community and were happy to get our business. 

What has been your biggest motivator throughout your career to keep going?

The fact of knowing that we are creating a legacy and giving our community something to be proud of. Knowing that we are providing a space where our people can come in and feel comfortable about their needs and know they are getting serviced by someone who cares. I remember names and faces, even if you aren’t my client. If I know you come in monthly for a certain conditioner I remember that. And I make sure you have what you need. 

What does black business ownership mean to you? 

EVERYTHING! It is essential to create more black businesses, as it is a disproportionate amount in America. Even outside of the beauty industry to have black businesses provide representation, support, and resources for our community is the only way that we will be able to continue to build equity in our families and communities. 

What’s the dream for Black Balled Beauty? 

To be one of the largest beauty supply/salon chains across America. We want this to be an institution for hair care and support for our community.

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