Jordan Dean and Sydney Morton Talk Playing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle In New Lifetime Movie

The day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down with Oprah Winfrey to share their truth about living Royal, the world was in awe of what was shared. This explosive interview was shocking to those who viewed, but very liberating to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Been Worthy sat down with Jordan Dean (The Punisher) and Sydney Morton (She’s Gotta Have It) who star as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace to talk about their roles and the their portrayal of this very interview in the film.

Morton said “there was an element of freedom to that scene” as she explains how freeing it must have been for the couple to finally share what their experiences have been.

There’s a great level of skill required to reenact a real moment in time and bring forth the emotion and authenticity it carried to screen. Dean shared that ” you’re trying to find an emotional truth to those moments…I’m not Prince Harry, I’m an actor inhabiting a role.”

Watch full interview above.

Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace explores what really happened inside the palace that drove Harry and Meghan to leave everything behind in order to make a future for themselves and their son Archie. The movie will detail Meghan’s growing isolation and sadness, their disappointment that “The Firm” was not defending them against the press’s attacks, and Harry’s fear that history would repeat itself and he would not be able to protect his wife and son from the same forces that may have contributed to his mother’s untimely death.

Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace will examine the dynamics between Will and Harry, Kate and Meghan, and Harry with Will and Charles, which lead to the ultimate break from the royal ties.

The lifetime movie premieres on Monday, September 6 at 8pm ET/PT

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