Black Biz Month Feature: Meet Argentina “Tina” Harris

Today we’d like to introduce you to Argentina “Tina” Harris.

What inspired your interest in hair care and how did you get your start?

I feel that I was divinely inspired to become a cosmetologist at a young age. Growing up, I would notice the pride that my aunts and other female relatives had with their hair and appearance. Their investment in the time to care and style their hair had a profound impact on their confidence and I wanted to be a part of the experience. I began practicing the art in high school and quickly made beauty and hair care a goal and destination.

Tell our readers about what you do and the services you provide.

I am a licensed cosmetologist and licensed cosmetology educator. About two years ago, I began creating custom hair toppers for women and selling them online. The success of the units has taught me that women are always looking for distinctive products that enhance their styling and beauty regimens. Now I only create and retail the custom units in an ecommerce capacity. Women are able to order their ideal custom unit in a personalized style and size.

You’ve created a solution for women who experience hair loss. Describe what it is and it’s benefits.

I began creating custom toupee hair units designed specifically for women with hair thinning and balding in and around the crown of their head. The unit was designed for women to have better quality options in a “DIY” product. The units are personalized by style, size and texture for greater versatility in wear and use. Individuals experiencing hair loss are often traumatized by the event itself. They tend to lose their self-confidence and the event can have a major impact on their self-esteem and quality of life. The benefits of the 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper™ are:

  1. DIY option. Salon visits are out of the question for many people with hair loss. Having the ability to apply or install your unit at home is very important.
  2. The customizable product base opens the opportunity to women who cannot fit the average toupee or hair unit. A huge benefit of these units is the variety in base sizing.
  3. Texture, color and length options for styling is another important benefit of the The 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper™. Clients simply select their style, color, length and submit their custom measurements.
  4. Units are removable, breathable and best of all, they are durable with long-lasting quality. Women can remove their unit as frequently as they like. This allows them to care for their hair and scalp properly.

What challenges have you had to overcome or has it been a smooth road?

For the most part, this journey has been a breeze! The most challenging part of the experience has been in the development of the product and coming up with ways to improve the unit and make it more beneficial for my clients. Other challenges come by way of my efforts to market the product and establish brand awareness. As a small business, it’s been difficult to differentiate my product from other commercial brands while holding off scammers has been quite a feat.

Aside from the external beautification that your services provide, how have you seen it transform your clients internally?

Oh my gosh! The feedback I’ve received from my customers is so amazing! The overwhelming majority of customers are so thankful to have found a product that allows them a sense of relief and normalcy by not having to worry about people focusing on their hair loss or having to deal with the added stress of looking for styles to conceal their thinning. Having a unit that is removable, breathable and undetectable has provided a level of comfort that many haven’t had in a long time. Their confidence and dignity is restored and some have experienced hair growth in the time they’ve worn the hair topper due to its ability to let the scalp breathe.

It’s one thing to have a nice hair style and another to have healthy hair. How would/do you educate others on establishing and maintaining healthy hair?

The creation of the 60 Second Clip N Go Hair Topper™  is the result of my passion for growing and maintaining healthy hair. I just believe that many who experience hair loss can re-grow hair if they are disciplined and patient during the process along with a strategy for growth and care. I wanted to develop a product that would free women from wearing adhesives that restrain and clog the scalp. I always take every opportunity to encourage women to care for their hair and scalp. A healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy hair and I encourage women to prioritize their diet and nutrition during consultations, speaking events, on social media and in regular conversations. It’s a must to remind women to take care of themselves from a holistic perspective.

What has been your biggest motivator throughout your career to keep going?

There have been several times throughout my career when I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve actually walked away a few times but I’ve always come back! I give all credit to my continuance on this journey to my faith in God and his plan for my life. My continued frustration in my career was for no other reason than me not knowing my purpose. I knew I was talented, I had great compassion for helping people but I had no goals or understanding of God’s vision and his purpose for my life. My motivation to keep going is embedded deep down in my faith.

What’s the dream for your business?

My dream for my business is to form alliances with other health & beauty professionals so that we can come together and eliminate the stigma and shame associated with hair loss.

Hair loss should be viewed like any other health condition, with the same considerations for treatments as any other medical condition. I want to encourage other beauty professionals to become more educated in the areas of hair loss, nutrition and hair replacement for their clients. Hair loss is a condition that has visible and invisible scars and it’s time that professionals recognize the impacts of this condition. My dream is to have a franchise business that offers opportunities for professionals to grow and expand their business and to empower clients to take a more vested interest in their overall well-being through education and practice.

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