Lifetime Presents ‘The Wrong Cheer Captain’ With Alexis Samone

Lifetime is at it again with the release of a hot, new movie. We love a good movie on a Sunday night for a beloved session of ‘Lifetime and Chill’ as we prepare for the coming week. On August 29th at 8 pm ET/PT Lifetime will feature the Hybrid, LLC produced film of  The Wrong Cheer Captain. This premiere features the star-studded cast of Vivica A. Fox, Jackee Harry and Alexis Samone

The movie is set in the background of a local cheerleading squad. Here’s the main gist: Cheering turns deadly with the mysterious death of Emma (Claire Tablizo) and Kate (Alexis Samone) begins to suspect that Anna (Sofia Masson), the newly appointed captain of her cheer squad, is responsible. As Kate searches for the truth behind Emma’s death, she soon becomes a target for Anna who is out to destroy her life. 

This suspenseful movie is highlighted by acting newcomer, Alexis Samone. She is an experienced stage performer with credentials from the stage play, For Colored Girls. Her film and television acting career began in 2018 with roles in Juke Joint Blues, Raised by Kanye and Influencer. 

“I started out in musical theatre, so when I transitioned to film it was a little different. On stage there is energy from the crowd but in film you have to conjure up that energy,” says Alexis. “But I love seeing the end results of everyone’s hard work on screen in a film.”

This jaw-dropping thriller is definitely one to see. The cast portrayed their roles excellently and you can see how art imitates life.  

“I felt close to Kate,” Alexis shared. “She has the same drive and passion. She’s me but on a different variable.” 

Alexis studied for her Lifetime role with precision in order to drive home the realistic characteristics of her character, Kate. “I like to find out what my character is driven by and why my character is important to the film. Then I write down a catalog of personality traits. For Kate, she’s passionate about cheerleading, loyal to her friends, bright, etc,” Alexis explained. 

Alexis is very passionate about her acting and we witness her professionalism on screen.  Some of her acting role models consist of Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox, Leonardo DeCaprio and Kerry Washington. Alexis studies her craft to portray her characters in an amazing light.

She also enjoyed working on the upcoming film because she got to work closely with an amazing cast. It’s not everyday that you get to film with your favorite television and movie characters in real life. “It was so fun. It’s still such a dream. It was fun to see Vivica A. Fox and Jackee Harry outside of their characters as real people,” Alexis shared. 

The Wrong Cheer Captain also features many takeaway values that viewers can identify with throughout the Lifetime film. “You should be tenacious towards your dreams and chase after what you believe is yours. But don’t try to scam your way to the top,” Alexis advises as she shares some of the takeaways from the film.  

Alexis is also a professional recording artist, songwriter and pianist. Her musical influences are the Isley Brothers, Mariah Carey and various classical influences. She’s a triple threat and it’s no surprise that she’s sprinkling her Black Girl Magic on Lifetime’s newest movie premiere, The Wrong Cheer Captain. She hopes to bridge her passions of music, theatre and acting into one dream role.  

Her career aspirations even highlight live action Disney films, so be on the lookout! Even during the pandemic she remained hungry for her craft. While being at home she honed in on her acting skills and leveraged new, virtual methods. “Everything that is rewarded doesn’t come without trials or tribulations. When you want to give up the most, that’s when you’re about to make your breakthrough,” Alexis shared.   

Alexis Samone is balancing her multiple passions to manifest her dreams. She actively practices self-care in order to be the best version of herself. She is definitely one to watch. She is forging more acting projects and has new music in the works.  

“My Black Girl Magic will save the world. I will inspire others by doing what I love,” she exclaims. 

Connect with Alexis Samone on Instagram and watch her new music video here. Watch The Wrong Cheer Captain this Sunday on Lifetime.

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