Life On And Off The Screen With Multi-Award-Winning Screenwriter Antoinette Fernandez

I love a great television show and movie. It allows viewers to engage in their imagination while enjoying life. Behind every great show and movie is a great screenwriter. Multi-Award winning screenwriter Antoinette Fernandez has shared life altering content that is circulating amongst the film circuit.

She has added the following projects to her screenwriter resume: 7 Evils, Just By Chance, Out On A Limb and Still Got The Juice. She has a passion for sharing the truths of everyday life mixed with fiction for all cultures to enjoy. Her upcoming projects include her documentary called The Word Is Out — The Introduction 2 Still Got The Juice and an animated series One Cruel Summer (Mason’s City). Here’s what Antoinette shared about her career, inspiration and advice for future screenwriters.

What inspired your career in screenwriting?

Years ago I was heavily into writing music. I created this whole rap album called Beyond What’s Said. I composed the music, wrote the songs and I let my Aunt Titia who passed away 2 years ago hear it. She was a published author as well — she would critique me on my work as an artist and later as a writer. After she’d listened to the entire cd, she said I never met anyone who can write the way you do.

She suggested I start turning my lyrics into short films. At first, I was not receptive. So I ignored her advice for years until she said, “Toni I strongly believe your purpose is to be a writer ”. A tragedy took place where my sister would pass away. When she died I no longer had the passion to do music. Writing became my form of therapy and here I am many years later doing exactly what she said I should be doing.

What are the 5 best components to a great screenwriting project?

These are the 5 components I live by that go hand and hand to create a great screenplay:

Plot - I won the Best Plot Award for “7 Evils” at the Red Dragon Creative Awards festival in Dallas, Texas. I love taking my audience into uncomfortable, yet fulfilling places in a story.

Dialogue- Your dialogue will play a huge part in any script you write. Listen to other people talk when you’re out and about. You can gain so much knowledge for creating dialogue just by listening to how others carry conversations.

Character Development- For me, character development and dialogue go hand in hand. Your characters must be believable in what they say, what they do, what they want and don’t want in your story.

Obstacles- Obstacles you create for your characters make a great story. What does your character want? It’s important to make it almost impossible for your character to reach their goal by creating obstacles throughout their journey.

Resolution- Last but not least, the resolution will be either giving your characters what they desire or leaving them left on the edge of a cliff to fall — or continue to another episode.”

How can your work impact the culture in a positive manner?

The impact will be by creating meaningful stories that all cultures can relate to. We all feel joy at times and we all feel pain. Though there is always a silver lining in every situation we face on our journeys and that is what I display in my writing in hopes to make an impact on those who feel lost.

What films or tv series are you watching this summer?

I definitely had a variety of genres. I watched the Conjuring (The Devil Made Me Do It), Queen Of the South TV Series, Mortal Kombat and so much more.

How can others connect with you?





Antoinette Fernandez is mastering the screen one story at a time. Her insight and creativity will continue to flourish on a screen near you.

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