Author And Advocate Ayana Bean Redefining The Odds With New Book, A Year And A Day

Our resiliency lies within our comprehension of change. Change is inevitable and we are not who we once were. We evolve. We learn. We heal. The resilient aftermath is the ongoing process of living for our own healing and to impact others positively.

New author, Ayana Bean, is no stranger to this. Resiliency is her middle name as she envisions a future that is evolving from her past persona. Her healing journey includes her re-establishing her music career aspirations and her role as an “authorpreneur”. Ayana is a Boston, MA native whose life is worthy of a Hollywood movie. Her story was first seen on season 1 of Bet’s Trap Queens. However, Ayana is rewriting her future before our eyes.

She is worthy of more than her past and her new book, A Year and a Day, is proof of that.  Although her tell all book will inform you of her past traumas, it will also uplift and motivate others for positive change. “Doing the show American Gangster: Trap Queens inspired me to write my story in my own words. While filming the show I wasn’t so comfortable talking about incidents that were still painful for me. I was not healed of my past or accepting of my circumstances at the time,” Ayana recalls. “Talking about it began with healing; and writing it was pure therapy. I’m stronger and I want to share that strength with others that may have felt uncomfortable as I did in darkness so they can see that they can be healed as well,” she continued.

Ayana’s journey of remorse and healing has led her to tour the world as she empowers young girls and women. She uses her story to motivate others to make informed decisions to avoid her life challenges. “There is nothing greater than accepting your journey, forgiving yourself, forgiving others and using your experience as a reminder of not only who you were but who you are and who you can be. This is what motivates me to keep moving forward,” Ayana Bean states.

Reflection is also a part of her resilient journey to healing. “Take your time and get to know yourself. Do not be discouraged or disappointed with mistakes that you make because it will help you grow. Give yourself a chance,” she said as she reflected on advice she would give her 18 year old self.  

In addition to empowerment mentoring and tours, Ayana Bean is also re-entering the music industry. In the past she worked for major record labels who provided her with experience and musical aspirations. However, her musical influences came early from her family roots.

“So many influences for me but it all started while I was young and being exposed to blues by my grandad, like Bobby “Blue” Bland and also B.B King. Then my parents with Earth, Wind, and Fire, The O’jays, The Whispers, Teddy Pendergast, The Ohio Players and my favorite was The Emotions,” she shared. Ayana Bean is confident that her legacy will continue as her Black Girl Magic inspires.

Connect with Ayana online through her website and also here. Purchase your copy of her new book, A Year and a Day, here.  Follow her community efforts, new book updates and more on Instagram as well.

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