Emmy & NAACP Award Winning Producer And Casting Director On Balance In The Workplace

Regardless of the type of industry, balance is something that most of us aim to achieve. We often wear many hats that require a juggling act. From home with your kids to maintaining your workload in the office, balance is major. Christal Ransom is one industry veteran who has the key to this solution. Christal grew up in Oakland, CA during the height of the drug epidemic. 

Despite the challenges that surrounded her environment, Christal found delight in watching television. “I had to be creative and think outside of the box. Watching television shows like the “Cosby’s” and “A Different World” was my escape,” Christal states. “I literally lived my life through the storylines of these characters, and from that I knew that I wanted to have a hand in what people watched. It inspired me to become a television producer,” she recalls.

Her childhood dreams led to her television career with networks such as NBC, CBS, The OWN channel, Viacom, The Food Network and more. Christal has experience as a television producer, casting assistant and casting director. Her current role with VH1 is as a casting director. But with all of this success, there is a need for balance to maintain everyday practices.

For Christal, she values the art of balancing her emotions in the workplace. She keeps her focus on her end goal to see past any emotional hurt. “It’s been a long road, but I’ve learned to take my emotions out of the equation. Working in entertainment can be an emotional roller coaster because things are always changing and that can be challenging,” Christal adds. “No matter what the hurdle is I’ve never forgotten what my goal is and that keeps me focused,” she continued.

Christal has also had a major impact on her community as well. In her position she has the opportunity to support aspiring women and or professionals of color within the entertainment industry.  “Whenever I get a project I make it my practice to include at least 50 percent female minorities on my team,” she shared. This practice alone is a great way to change the narrative while creating seats at the table.

Her Black Girl Magic is supporting others in the entertainment industry. Christal believes that “great media will unite the world.” Her longevity and hustle in the industry is definitely uniting creatives to dream beyond their televisions. Christal Ransom is paving her own lane in entertainment that is changing the way we value balance in the workplace and in communities of color. 

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