Diana Byfield’s Recipe to Passion and Purpose

2020 was a year to remember. Whether it was losing your job due to the pandemic or as drastic as it may sound , losing  someone you loved due to Covid-19. It was a year that shook us all and unfortunately, the world is still recovering from the shock that began well over one year ago. But some people were able to view the additional time to themselves as a gift. Many have used this time to reflect, to learn more about their faith or to pick up additional interests, such as exercising, meditating , dancing , crafting , blogging and much more. 

Diana Byfield is proof that the pandemic gave her time to reflect and create a movement that would affect the lives of many in the utmost positive way by creating “Purpose Powerhouse”. I had the opportunity to sit down with Diana to learn more about her ventures and how she stepped into her passion with a purpose. 

Diana was born and raised in Jamaica, where she lived in poverty and faced many challenges at a young age. Diana openly acknowledged being sexually abused during her childhood. This instantly changed her life and she ended up leaving home at the age of 16 where she was forced to become an adult much quicker than she expected. Before knowing exactly what her purpose would be, she worked a variety of jobs ranging from retail, modeling and entertainment. 

During quarantine, it was the perfect time to reset and evaluate her life. Diana realized that not only was she a Life Coach, but a Purpose and Wellness Coach as well. She always knew that helping others, especially women, was her niche. But this stood out more in this season than ever before. She knew it was time to help the next person, the next woman. Diana’s trials and tribulations have transformed her into a woman of reason, and as known by many, “the voice of reason”. With her will and determination, she created “Purpose Powerhouse”. Purpose Powerhouse is a combination of mind, body and spirit. The program merges fitness, dance and guidance to show purpose. 

Diana explains that although she doesn’t purposely target women, it happened rather organically. She is able to relate to women as she assists with common challenges such as dealing with everyday racism, being overlooked or just trying to fit in. 

Diana states “African American women struggle with all of the above things, as it was embedded in them . We run from it, but now is the time to stand up and speak your truth and stand in your truth. Before we can do anything to help anybody we have to discover us, we have to know who we are, what’s going on on the inside.” Diana makes it very clear that every woman has a purpose and is a powerhouse whether they know it or not. Every woman has her own worth, her own story and that alone makes her a powerhouse with a purpose. 

Purpose Powerhouse plans on supporting millions of women all over the world in helping them tell their stories. Diana is inspired by the lives of her mother, grandmother and Michelle Obama. 

Towards the end of our Interview, I asked Diana what she would tell a woman that is going through a rough time and doesn’t see a way out. 

Diana stated, “with rain and storms, it has to end, and then the sun comes out afterwards. It has to end soon, it’s how we bare it and acknowledge it; and you have to accept it.”

“All things happen for your good, everything will come out good”

– Diana Byfield

Diana is a woman full of purpose. She has a mission to assist as many woman as possible with finding their inner purpose and transition into a PowerHouse! With her determination and passion to help, women all over will be grateful to receive all of this greatness.

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