Manifesting Your Dreams in Healthcare And Business With Meisha Amia

Many have dreams of a career. You picture yourself in a certain outfit, having meetings, taking calls and more as you express yourself professionally in one aspect. But have you ever considered how you can evolve within that particular career to make it work for you? Well business mogul, Meisha Amia has conquered this. She has manifested her dreams of having a healthcare career as a nurse while going beyond the bedside and mundane hospital routines. 

Meisha Amia has built her healthcare career as a travel nurse and entrepreneur.  She has created flexibility, more income and happiness for herself while practicing a career that she loves. 

She began her nursing career in oncology, which allowed her to work with cancer patients, however, her overall inspiration came from her personal health experiences. “My inspiration for nursing came from me being a patient first. Since the age of 10, I had to receive critical care. I was on life support twice, and by the age of 17 I needed to have open heart surgery,” Meisha states. 

“I’m a creative and wanted to go to cosmetology school at first.  But because of my health, I felt that it was only fair that I go into nursing to help others as I had been helped,” she continued.

“I love travel nursing because of the freedom. I work when and where I want. I also negotiate my own payscale,” Meisha continued.  “There is also a luxury of receiving all-inclusive housing and accommodations while on contract with a patient or provider.  Travel nursing is self-driven and self-led, so I get to choose where I want to go.”

In addition to nursing, Meisha also enjoys writing and being creative. Her creative blogging also led her to become a self-published author. Her book, The Bedside Boss:  From Scrubs to Six Figures, is a self-help book that inspires nurses to step outside of their comfort zones to generate both wealth and happiness. 

“I started blogging because of my career shift to travel nursing. Back then we knew little about the self-driven aspect of travel nursing, so my blogging of the experience led to also writing this self-help book as guidance,” Meisha explained. She is changing the narrative for Black women in nursing each day.  “I’m teaching Black nurses in our community to not feel guilty about prioritizing their self-care. Going back to nursing school, nurses are taught to be selfless and to prioritize everyone before themselves. That creates a lot of guilt, pressure, stress, anxiety and depression,” Meisha states. 

“I’m teaching Black nurses that it’s ok to choose you. It’s ok to build wealth. It’s ok to negotiate contracts.  It’s ok to take off a month for vacation. These are things that we were not taught, and I am changing that,” she continues.

In life there are also challenges and Meisha was no stranger to that. Her rise in nursing was met with obstacles that caused her to shift her thinking. “During my first year as a travel nurse I fell ill. I passed out in my patient’s room. That led to financial difficulties and more,” she adds. “That experience helped me to realize that I needed multiple streams of income.”

Meisha used that experience to begin helping others build online businesses to thrive through her Chicks with Cheques platform. Chicks with Cheques is your one stop shop for creating a business while teaching others how to monetize their online presence.  

She has helped hundreds of women grow into their purpose and passion through guided leadership. Meisha offers online training, private membership, journals, accessories and more to support your business needs.  She is definitely manifesting her dreams one day at a time and on her own terms. Her success is even helping others portray their Black Girl Magic in their everyday lives. She is a healthcare maven that also helps others strategize their success.

Connect with Meisha Amia online and purchase her products here. Follow Meisha Amia on social media here and also here.

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