College CEO Is Spreading STEM Awareness For Young Girls And Women Of Color

We’ve recently heard more news about the growing STEM industry. More and more people are turning to careers in science, technology, engineering and math than ever before. Despite this growth in STEM interest, there still are racial and gender disparities. This may largely be due to the lack of educational programming for young girls of color. It can also be due to a lack of awareness of this growing career field. Ive (pronounced Ivy) Jones is providing a solution to the growing disparity in her own creative way.

Ive is a current college student at the prestigious Princeton University who is creating her own lane to create access to STEM careers for young girls of color. This year Ive is hosting the third annual Young Women in STEM Conference on June 11-12, 2021. The conference was created to connect large STEM companies with ambitious and driven young girls. Ive plans to bring her conference efforts across the globe while also lending professional advice for girls of color.

The young scholar is taking charge by changing the narrative in STEM by advocating for female scientists who will lead the world in solving some of today’s biggest challenges.

The conference is providing community support for young girls through networking, curation of research skills and much more. Ive is offering her support through hands-on activities, small group presentations, keynote addresses and tours of laboratories.

The first conference created current partnerships with over 11 STEM corporations and 110 community outreach centers in 5 different states, and even Liberia, West Africa.

Ive aims to earn her PhD in Global Health to continue her advocacy for international health policy. Ive Jones is also an award winning choreographer. She is spreading her Black Girl Magic through advocacy and education to lead young girls to access their full potential. Her passion for others will aid in positive world change through her STEM efforts.  

Connect with her online here and also here.

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