Spring To A New Beat With This Season’s Hottest Music Releases

These unprecedented times have inspired many pivots to enjoying a love for music. Music lovers can still enjoy their favorite artists, but in a virtual aspect. Many artists are turning to virtual listening parties, Zoom concerts and more in order to reach their fans.  Let me just say that I’m here for all of it! 

These past two weeks alone have been a music haven for me. I’m reclaiming my time with my love for music and these dope artists have helped me to do it:

Got My Own Sound

This DMV based band has a new album out called “Moonshine Music”. They hosted a dope Instagram Live listening party and I definitely will be bumping their new tracks this year.  

Their melodic groove and lyrics for the culture have sparked my musical interests for more. From the soulful vibes of the intro track of “Drew’s Groove” to the social justice anthem of “Let’s Start a Riot“, I was all in for more.

Follow them here to tune in and to get the album.

The Hamiltones

The southern charms of R&B music hosted a virtual concert in the Soul Lab Studio. It was epic. Whether you had the video on or off, you still felt the vibes of their soulful crooning that left you wanting more. They could sing about a chicken box and I would still wave my hands in the air for an encore!

Their virtual concert may not have been ideal for true fans, but it was a needed music connection that many are craving for during these current times.

Follow them here to grab a ticket to the next virtual concert and to download their new single “Manager“.

Kindred The Family Soul

Whew! This married, soul duo recently released their new album called “Auntie and Unc”. I attended the virtual release party known as the dope ass Backyard BBQ. It was so epic and enjoyable from the comfort of my living room.  They performed a mash up of previous hits and new hits from the album. Each note was sung with love and grace to endure eardrums for a lifetime. 

My favorites are “Break it Down”, “Made It” and “The Best Things“. Peep this, I also attended their virtual meet and greet!! Kindred was so down to earth, fun-loving and genuine in every aspect. I’ve been a long-standing fan for years, but this event solidified my fanhood.

Purchase their new album here and follow them online.

These new spring releases will surely have you singing a new tune. Despite the social distance, music is one love that can touch souls near and far. Experience these new releases to satisfy your musical taste this spring. 

Connect with Got My Own Sound, The Hamiltones and Kindred The Family Soul today.

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