Fulfilling Purpose Amidst Fear with Kenya R. Nalls

In today’s world, there is a longing for a sense of purpose. Having purpose seems to drive actions, careers, motivation and even inspiration. Some look for their purpose in other people, while some find their purpose in their faith. For Kenya R. Nalls, she felt lost at one point in her life, however, she used her faith to guide her passion for millennials in multimedia.

“I always wanted to be a writer,” says Kenya. “Writing has always been my outlet. In high school, I was on the yearbook team. In college I was the E.I.C. in my sophomore year for the college’s campus publication,” she continued. At Lincoln University of Missouri, Kenya founded the Action Magazine. Her first publication served as a contemporary, faith based platform for young adults. “In Action Magazine I really catered to the youth. I would attend youth events and all,” Kenya expressed.

“Seeing all of these amazing African Americans doing amazing things at my HBCU inspired me.  I learned many tools that were necessary for multimedia,” she shared with BeenWorthy. Along the way, Kenya ran into many obstacles such as unemployment and more, but she turned her turmoil into success in the end. In 2018 she decided to jump into the digital landscape with the launch of #allthingsLOOP. L.O.O.P. stands for “Live It, Own It and Obtain It On Purpose”.

The LOOP initiative was inspired by Kenya’s personal challenge to search for purpose amidst fear, setbacks or uncertainty. Kenya quickly realized that this notion needed to be shared with other millennials who may also be in the same position. She pushed forward and stood on her faith to make it happen. “I’m a church girl at heart. I feel like I can’t do it without God. I tried to maneuver through life without Him and it didn’t work,” Kenya explained. She continued to pursue her vision using her faith as the foundation for motivating other millennials in the world.

“My Black Girl Magic will exceed and my faith will never fail me” – Kenya R. Nalls

She then took the LOOP experience on the road in the form of a tour. Kenya provides resources and a positive networking scene for millennials and go-getters. The tour started in North Carolina out of a personal testament.

“It was a source for millennials to come in and showcase their lives and give people a peek into their business. It started with 12 in attendance and continued to build as it moved forward,” Kenya stated. The tour will also be held virtually in the near future. “My Black Girl Magic will exceed and my faith will never fail me,” Kenya boldly expressed in regards to her LOOP venture.

Kenya isn’t stopping there either. She is starting a membership course on the Patreon application. “It is more than just giving out knowledge. There will be resources for public relations, insurance, sponsorships, branding and so much more. You name it and we will have a speaker for it to help other millennials,” she continues. She is striving beyond her circumstances to live boldly while serving others. “My nephew is my motivation and the reason why the push is in me. I want to make sure that he is ok forever and that I can provide him with assistance. It’s been a long journey to understand who I am and what I am supposed to be doing.  Now I know that I am supposed to be in the media industry.”  

Kenya is pushing herself and others to their next level. She advises all to give themselves grace as they push forward to cultivate their purpose in life. Get in the LOOP with Kenya R. Nalls as she inspires a millennial in a city near you. Be on the lookout for her upcoming digital app, subscription boxes and Clubhouse conversations to further her motivation for millennials with a purpose.

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