The Evolution of Chloe X Halle

Photo Courtesy of Verizon Up Concert Series

Chloe X Halle Have Literally Stepped into Superstar Status

Have you noticed how much Chloe X Halle have evolved as artists over the years? I remember when these young ladies went viral on YouTube and caught Beyoncé’s attention. Of course, everyone knows the story after that point. I have recently taken the time to really analyze Chloe X Halle’s music videos and live performances. I have to say, I was sitting in my chair thinking, “Wow,” as I was watching their performance at the Verizon Up Presents Virtual concert.

Photo Courtesy of NPR

With full grown bodies and sound, these ladies have not only matured lyrically, but as beautiful young women as well. The “Do It” artists have developed into the total package.

From their body language, to their stage etiquette to their angelic vocals, this dynamic duo has effortlessly risen to superstardom, and we’re here for it.

Video Courtesy of NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series

During a recent interview on the Breakfast Club, the grammy nominated artists said they wanted their newly released second album, Ungodly Hour, to reflect all the things people did not see in their first album. This go round, the R&B sisters took greater risks with their lyrics and sound. They gave us sexy, fun, relatable music and it landed them at number 16 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Courtesy of NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series

Chloe X Halle’s evolution as artists and women is not only clear through their latest body of work, but even through their instagram posts. You see them now as grown women with layers, flaws and emotions. Recently, the internet went crazy when Chloe decided to freely express herself on social media with pictures appreciating her developed body. Women from all walks of life were here for the body positivity, many were even empowered by it. But there were several people who didn’t share the same enthusiasm and began to shame the R&B songstress.

The internet, who remains undefeated, came to Chloe Bailey’s defense after she cried on instagram over hate comments.

We are proud of the growth of these beautifully talented sisters and can’t wait to see what they give us next.

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