Meet The Cast: The WizCH Prepares For A Historic Audio Production

It was said that Theater and Broadway wouldn’t survive the coronavirus pandemic, but with the emergence of a widely popular app, Clubhouse, some theater productions remained committed to the phrase “the show must go on”.

For those who are not familiar, Clubhouse is the newest social media app available to Apple users that lets people gather in audio chat rooms to discuss various topics, whether it’s beauty, wellness, news or entertainment. To take it a step further, you can even listen to a performance of a lifetime.

On March 12th and 13th, Clubhouse users are in for a historic, soul lead production that will creatively shift how we experience art moving forward. The Wiz Clubhouse is an abridged audio version of the popular hit movie “The Wiz” featuring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

After almost 150 auditions and trending big time on social media, the production team decided to destroy rigid gender roles and embrace the fact that “you don’t care about gender when you’re giving me what my soul needs,” says Casting Director Sherita Carthon. In this production, being able to touch someone’s spirit outweighed the gender of the person auditioning and the character they were auditioning for.

BeenWorthy sat down with the cast members for an exclusive interview about their audition experience, personal ties to their characters and courageously bending expected gender roles. During this interview they were vulnerable. They were real. They were looking forward to making history.

Be sure to tune in live on March 12th and March 13th, 2021 at 4pm and 7pm. EST

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Full interview below.

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