Reclaim Your Life: 20 Powerful Affirmations for Women of Color

Black women are affirming and manifesting everything they deserve in 2021! Would you agree?

Do you know the power of your words? Speaking life through affirmations begins to shift things in ways unimaginable. We begin to experience all the good people, places and things and live a life of abundance because we’ve said so.

As women of color, we have to begin to speak optimistically. Speaking optimistically creates an attitude of hopefulness and a confidence about yourself and your future. We have to speak on purpose. Choose your thoughts, don’t let them choose you! When you allow your mind to wander on it’s own, you give poor thoughts an opportunity to walk.

As women of color we have to speak funny. Yes, that’s right! Find something to laugh about out loud. Developing a good sense of humor is essential to happiness. It’s important to be able to find humor in life’s challenges and not take yourself too seriously.

Finally, as women of color, we have to speak higher. Speaking elevated words of love, graciousness, gratitude, humility and trust instead of pride, fear, greed, condemnation and judgement. Learn to speak the best about you and others.

Here are 20 affirmations to help you do that.

  1. I will not hold on to an offense or be spiteful
  2. It is okay to be self-focused
  3. I am wise and make fruitful decisions
  4. I am kind, thoughtful and ungrudgingly available to those in need.
  5. I take pride in my body, heart and mind
  6. When I speak, I have something worthwhile to say, and I always say it kindly
  7. My beauty is not just skin deep, it reaches the soul
  8. There is no one else on the planet like me, and there never will be.
  9. I deserve everything good that comes my way
  10. I surround myself with good people who make positive deposits in my life
  11. I am happy
  12. I am in control of my thoughts
  13. I trust myself
  14. I am free to laugh and enjoy all life has to offer
  15. I am not perfect, and that’s ok
  16. I am not for everyone
  17. I am worth it. Always was, and always will be
  18. I am worthy of a healthy, trusting and loving relationship with a man
  19. I am healed from my past and it doesn’t define me
  20. I am a woman and I am powerful

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