7 Women of Color Who are Killing the Fitness Game on Instagram

From politics to Hollywood, diversity and inclusion have become some of the most important topics of discussion over the last few years. While companies and brands are making the effort to become more equitable, it’s important that we continue to draw attention to the issues at hand until everyone has representation on TV, in magazines, and at Fortune 500 companies.

That is why our goal is to ensure that everyone feels represented on our site, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Below, you’ll find 7 women of color who specialize in health and wellness that you should absolutely be following on social media. This list isn’t the end-all, be-all, there are plenty of other fitness influencers who also happen to be badass women of color, but these girls definitely deserve some attention.

  1. Francheska Martinez (@francheskafit) is a movement enthusiast who uses fitness as a tool to combat pain from scoliosis as well as minor injuries she has acquired over the years. Follow her if you want to learn to move in a more functional way.

2. All it takes is one look at Stefi Cohen (@steficohen) and it’s clear that she can do just about anything with that strong body of hers. From powerlifting to boxing to bodybuilding, Stefi does it all. More than anything else, it seems like she thoroughly enjoys working out, which only motivates all of us to get our booties to the gym ASAP.

3. She’s a three-time powerlifting world champion for a good reason. Daniella Melo (@daniellamelo) is always posting clips of her workouts that are sure to inspire you to lift more in the gym.

4. Born in Australia, Melissa Carver (@melissa_carver_x) has risen in the fitness industry as a model and IFBB Bikini Pro. She competes in shows around the world, including the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival where she won the 1st place.

Alongside being a model, Melissa is also a coach and brand ambassador for high-profile sports companies. With a fan base that supports her every step of the way, Melissa pays it back by sharing valuable training, diet, and recovery tips online.

5. Cassie Ho (@blogilates) is the ultimate fitspo to *all* women. She teaches incredible Pilates classes online and you don’t need any prior experience to join her. She’s super fit and all-natural, which basically makes her a body positive beacon of light.

6. Emily Torrez (@figurelyfit) is a competitive Crossfit athlete and Olympic weightlifter based in Austin, Texas.

“CrossFit has changed my perspective on beauty,” Torrez says. “Before, if you had asked me what beauty meant to me, I would have given some superficial answer about skin tone and bone structure. Now? I’d tell you that beauty is strength. That beauty is confidence in the skin you’re in. It’s the mindset that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Putting in hours of work at the gym everyday has taught me that I don’t need to look a certain way to be beautiful. This is me. And I am beautiful.”

Amen to that!

7. Having worked with fit stars like Gabrielle Union, Keisy Myumi (@keisymyumi) is the kind of conditioning and strength-training expert you want to keep your eyes on. She can teach you how to “build a booty,” and you’ll always find a unique mix of exercises that will keep you from being bored at the gym.

All of these women have something special to offer to the fitness world, so hopefully we’ll see them gain more and more followers in the near future. Because all women deserve to be represented when it comes to working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

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