Michelle Obama Announces New Kids Show Coming to Netflix

Former first lady Michelle Obama has teamed up with Netflix once again to launch a new children’s show called Waffles +Mochi. The show is all about good food: discovering it, cooking it, and of course, eating it. These two will take us on adventures all around the world to explore new ingredients and try out new recipes.

Waffles and Mochi have dreams to learn to cook fresh food from around the world with the help of Obama, a magical shopping cart and guest celebrities.

Obama says this show is an extension of the work she did to support children’s health as First Lady. That’s why as part of the show’s commitment to helping families during the pandemic, she’s partnered with Partnership for a Healthier America to get fresh ingredients to families in need across the country so they can cook together at home.

And this is why we LOVE her!

The show is set to premiere on Netflix March 16th

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